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"BALANCE MIX" will give you an idea of the general artistic direction.


"BALANCE MIX": "BALANCE MIX" will give you an idea of the general artistic direction of your track, allowing you to project yourself towards a more refined "PRECISION Mix".

  • Technical details


    • Global analysis of your music
    • Frequency cleaning
    • Phase analysis and Mono compatibility
    • Balance of levels
    • Chat post delivery
    • Booking 2 hours for possible recall included.
    • Possibility to upgrade your "BALANCE MIX" to "PRECISION MIX" by paying only the difference.
    • Mastering stereo -10%
  • How it works ?

    • Export each track separately.

    • Warning !!! Exported files must all have the same starting point.

    • Rename files intelligibly (kick, snare, bass, etc.)

    • WAV or AIFF.

    • Format: MONO or STEREO.

    • Resolution: 16 Bit or 24 Bit (prefer 24bit)

    • Sampling frequency: That of your project with a preference for 44.1Khz or multiple.

    • 1 title = 48 tracks max / 6 minutes max duration (excluding options)

    • Delivery depends which "mix" you choose : standard is 2 days after the session have been programmed.

    • "Main Mix" Mastering sales ("ULTRA Mix" included).

    • You have 48 hours upon receipt of your "BALANCE" or "PRECISION" Mix to send us by e-mail the list of any corrections you would like to submit to your engineer.

    •  Backup included for 1 year from the date of delivery of the final mix.

  • Options

    • Add time : 20 euros/minute 

    • Add track : 10 euros/track

    • Main Vocal Melodyne : 50 euros ("ULTRA" mix included)

    • Pack stems : 8 stems 50 euros (included in "Precision "and "ULTRA" Mix)

    • Editing "prod" "ULTRA MIX" only

    • Alternative versions (Radio edit, instrumental..) 15 euros each

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