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"PRECISION MIX":  The engineer goes to the end of his ideas...


"PRECISION MIX": The engineer goes to the end of his ideas. The treatments are refined. The balance between the tracks is fully automated to accompany the energy of the title and give it its full dynamic.

  • Technical details

    • Global analysis of your music
    • Direct Chat during the session (let's work together for more precision)
    • Frequency cleaning
    • Phase analysis and Mono compatibility
    • Balance of levels, panoramic and automated monitoring.
    • Fine treatments
    • Analog summing
    • Creation of "stems"
    • Post delivery chat
    • Booking 4 hours for possible retouching included.
    • Mastering stereo -25%
    • Possibility to upgrade your "PRECISION MIX" to "ULTRA MIX" by paying only the difference.

  • How it works !

    • Export each track separately.

    • Warning !!! Exported files must all have the same starting point.

    • Rename files intelligibly (kick, snare, bass, etc.)

    • WAV or AIFF.

    • Format: MONO or STEREO.

    • Resolution: 16 Bit or 24 Bit (prefer 24bit)

    • Sampling frequency: That of your project with a preference for 44.1Khz or multiple.

    • 1 title = 48 tracks max / 6 minutes max duration (excluding options)

    • Delivery depends which "mix" you choose : standard is 2 days after the session have been finished.

    • "Main Mix" Mastering sales ("ULTRA Mix" included).

    • You have 48 hours upon receipt of your "BALANCE" or "PRECISION" Mix to send us by e-mail the list of any corrections you would like to submit to your engineer.

    •  Backup included for 1 year from the date of delivery of the final mix.

  • Options

    • Add time : 20 euros/minute 

    • Add track : 10 euros/track

    • Main Vocal Melodyne : 50 euros ("ULTRA" mix included)

    • Pack stems : 8 stems included.

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